Dealing with Anxiety

Last Sunday, it was a beautiful 80 degree Fahrenheit day. I went to one of my favorite parks for trail running in the woods.

But I had trouble breathing. My chest felt heavy. I felt like I could choke on the air. My heart was racing (and not the good kind.) I was having anxiety. It is purely physiological. There was no reel going around in my head.

1) I breathed. When that didn't work, I kept breathing. And jogging.

2) I looked up at the trees waving from the breeze.

After about 40 minutes, I felt normal again. It had passed.


Mental Reels of Anxiety...

Often when I have anxiety, there will be an outcome or event that I am worried about. Especially when it comes to social situations or in situations when I worry about my kids. I have to do some real work to manage this!

For this situation: I imagine a positive solution. If I can think through the problem or event that I am scared of, maybe I can imagine a solution. If not, I need to change the ending to be something positive.

I tell myself that the thing I am scared of is not true. And focus on the positive real things.

Thank you for letting me share this. Do you suffer from anxiety as I do? Exercise helps me, but I will say, my anxiety makes it hard to get started.

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