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Fat-loss and exercise?

I get it! You want to run 3 miles so you can eat 300 calories worth of donut. You want to step on the scale and see a number you like. You want results. Fast results! As a personal trainer, who has also been through her own fat loss journey, let me help you examine a few basics. "Fat-loss Lesson 101":

Body Composition chart and caliper
Body Composition Chart and Caliper


(1) Calorie deficits work. Yes, they do.

(2) Slower loss is better.

(3) Exercise alone, might not cause you to lose weight.

(4) Weight loss and fat loss are two different things.

(5) Go for long term with a habit building mindset.

Tracking your calories in and out is a way to see who your body is managing the food you are consuming.

It can be tedious, but knowledge is power. (I heard that some where.) Actually knowledge is potential power; your decision and action to change is the power!

Combine points 1, 2, and 5 because you are changing or adding habits, slower is better for sustainable fat loss. These are actions and decisions you can make the rest of your life to manage your weight.

According to MASS research review(Helms, 2017), a research study on diet deficit breaks, while maintaining fitness levels for reducing fat comp, increases your likelihood of long-term success, though it takes longer to reach body comp goals.

How to go slower and build habit:

  • Time restricted eating (don't eat after 7:30pm most days or before 10:00am most days).

  • Cut out soda and juice. (i.e. empty calories).

  • Prepare vegetables. You can basically eat as many vegetables are you want.

  • Just start by measuring fats and oils- which are calorie dense- can be healthy but calorie dense!

  • Eat fiber.

Exercise is important for fitness and can help you lose fat when you are building muscle. It can also help you use up calories you've eaten. However, all too often, you will compensate by eating more because exercise will likely cause you to experience hunger. So, focus on your nutrition.

What is exercise for, then?

Go for muscle.

Prioritize exercise to relieve stress and feel strong.

Exercise for strength and endurance.


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