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How to track progress without tracking weight!

Updated: May 19, 2021

Goals: What are your goals?

Many people hiring a personal trainer are interested in body recomp or fat-loss. Some of those people want to work on a particular feature. There are many who want to be stronger and feel better about their health and better about themselves in general.

Understanding goals and even unintended benefits of fitness programs and routines can help you find ways to "measure".

Fitness effects: mindset, attitude, fitness level, weight, size, strength, endurance, wellness...

Why measure?

Feedback and progress

It informs the client and personal trainer

Ways of measuring that don't involve a scale or caliper:

  1. Mood surveys

  2. Number of Reps/ min

  3. Number of Reps (in no given time)

  4. Distance/ time

  5. 1 Rep Max

  6. Stop time: relays, planks (an other holds), mile run

  7. Rotation

  8. Flexibility/ Range of motion

  9. Pictures- can show changes in appearance overtime, but also can show clients improved form in their movements

  10. Miles/ days worked out- habit trackers!

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