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Proud to be new!

Gym intimidation often relates to what we think others think about us when we are exercising. We are thinking about what other people are thinking of us!

This includes myself, my clients, and many others- especially when we are working on it! You have to start at the beginning when you start something new and sometimes, you can be in the minority. Sometimes there are intimidating people at the gym and oftentimes, it's our perception. What's your story? What do we do about it?

A friend of mine wants to do yoga but felt awkward being the "only guy" in the studio. This is what he said about it: "went to a studio once and it was soooo awkward". Clearly it is beneficial for agility and range of motion as well as recovery after workouts. Yoga is accessible. Very accessible. So, why not?

I was approached by a client who wanted to learn to exercise in private and was intimidated by the belief that other people at the gym already knew what they were doing, and she wasn't sure she was "doing it right". It's okay to be new and ask for help. Everyone was new once.

"I'm embarrassed. You're embarrassed. We're all embarrassed."

We need to have compassion on ourselves and others. I have a saying "I'm embarrassed. You're embarrassed. We're all embarrassed." We all have different goals, we're on different steps, and with different abilities and tools. I remember not wanting to run because people would see me out there! Cardio is what people go to because it seems obvious- you run or hop on a machine. But after a short while, you burn out on it. Too intimidated to try something new that looks complicated or having to use weights that are "too light" causes us to give up or not try. It doesn't work.

If you're new, be proud to be new. If you're the only one, be proud to be. Keep going. Look for guidance without shame. You won't feel comfortable all the time, but you are practicing. Process the emotion, face your goal, and keep at it. Perceived or real, don't let others intimidate you or a situation intimidate you to the point where you give up. And if you do give up, don't be intimidated by your past actions. You can get up again. And again!

Let's go, you Autonomous Person, you.

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