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2 Things for Health and Fitness

1) Realize "I can decide".

In the beginning of any change comes a decision you are empowered to make. Different things will come up, but don't let them overwhelm you. The first thing you must do is DECIDE.

Once you've decided you can take the next step. You can learn from an experienced friend, find a trainer, take the first step out the door toward completing your first mile, lift your first 8 reps of presses... What is your goal?

2) Realize "I am committed."

All the following decisions you make will be based on your commitment to health. Commitment is important because you won't always be motivated, and change takes time. But you will find that weeks or months down the road, things that were hard in the beginning are a part of your life now. Getting up early is just a thing you do. Going to the gym is a thing you do. This is because you committed.

Things come up like life circumstances or sickness, injury, etc. But sticking with your fitness will make those things a bit easier.

It is okay to take a break sometimes because you know that you can get back to it and are confident you will. You are a person of your word. Fitness and food have become a part of your life and routine.

It is okay to ask for help. Finding a group or a friend to go to the gym can give the accountability and teamwork you may need to get back on track and make it more fun. This can help you stay committed and that's okay to find that help.


If you are interested in Personal training, I invite you to give us a call or text to schedule a chat to discuss your goals.


Personal training gives you a plan to follow, instructions on equipment, accountability, and coaching.

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